Get Your Goddess Groove On Community
Get Your Goddess Groove On Community
Laura Maven Star

Welcome to Get Your Goddess Groove On Community

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About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura

I am a Sacred Oracle, Intuitive Channel, and Emissary for the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.

My mission and passion is to reconnect you with your inner Goddess voice.

It it time for us to wake up, to be the change agent we came to be.

Are you ready to re-birth your true inner Goddess Self?  It is time to create your heart’s desires and live the life you want, without apology! 

Together, we can answer the call of the Divine Mother?

Why Join With Me?

Women today need a sacred space to become present and intentional. Studies have shown that social connection is more important to our health than either diet or exercise!

Yet, for many of us, developing social connections - especially with other women - is the last thing on our list. As a result, many of us feel overwhelmed and isolated, with depleted energy, because it seems we have to do everything on our own.

Women’s Temple is the antidote for the stressed-out modern woman. It is the sacred practice of nourishing the feminine. By working on the social relationships level, we can transform deep-seated patterns and behaviors that can lead us toward becoming more of our authentic true selves.  

We are peacemakers, wise women, mothers, shamans, priestesses, empaths, healers and visionaries. We are responding to the call of Divine Mother. Together we RISE through sacred circle to create a new world womb of Heaven On Earth. 

In our Rose Temple dedicated in Her name, we open our hearts and wombs for the healing of Core Wounds.

We co-create community for heart-centered women…  for awakening, unconditional Love, and Oneness.

We balance our inner Masculine and Feminine energies, which are still growing and evolving into divine perfection.

We aim to embody the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, for the Evolution and Healing of Humanity.

What is our potential for healing and transformation and how do we support one another? We heal in Community, Ceremonies, Gatherings and healing Circles.

When our Heart is healed and the masculine and feminine aspects within become One – the Sacred Rose within becomes the Sacred Heart of the planet.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that expresses itself in many forms and the Rose is her symbol – the Goddess has many faces and the feminine aspect of “God.” She is within all of us – waiting to be heard, healed, re-ignited and reborn again. She is waiting to be revealed in all her glory… no longer hidden… no longer silenced… no longer invisible.

Love’s healing power of the Divine Feminine can also be embodied through the experiential offerings of the Rose Ceremonies and Gathering of the Roses. They all offer unique opportunities that will enable you to move deeper into the Heart and embrace the Goddess energy and Magdalene Consciousness – a consciousness now re-emerging on the planet.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who is hearing the call of Divine Mother and stepping forward to co-create this beautiful growing community of true sisterhood. Let's rise together to birth a new world anchored in love, peace, and unity consciousness.